Welcome to thetrailertrashtwo Lyrics DEATH GRIPS I Want It I Need It Lyrics, singer by DEATH GRIPS

Been working way too much need to get out and get fucked up
Whats going on, where’s it at
Make some calls to make it crack, lets see…
I need money, drugs, a ride
And a spot with hot ones inside
The mission:
To get all of the above in a limited amount of time
I can do this and it’s done
Like that we’re on our way

Be it acid on the tongue
Cocaine in your brain
Or some weed that hits your lungs
Like a runaway train
Hell yeah, from DMT to MDMA
Got all that shit and more
So ’til dawn we’re okay… but anyway..

Fuck a line, every time
Get in, get a drink and lose our minds
All eyes on the dime
That makes your dick want to grind
Know you got a godd buzz going
Cuz everything is glowing
Skirt so short her ass is showing
And shes looking so you?re knowing
You could get it tonight
But there?s so much around
Best take your time do it right

As you keep getting higher
Lights look like they’re on fire
Soon all that?s left of you
Is your most primal desires

Ass clappin, dick suckin, lock the door to the bathroom ? quick fuckin
Find a whore and it could happen
But it’s nothin, cuz you’re drunk and you’ll be blackin out
Before you even get a chance to think bout what you’re doing

I want it I, I need it, need it to make me feel heated
Shake it, can’t take it, must break it
Break if off yea, what’d I say bitch..

Getting looser and looser and losing yourself
In the groove that has the whole party movin
You’re cruisin, you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t give a
Cuz you’re so liquored up, you throw it up
And keep on riding cuz your timing is on
And that fine one is on you, its time to get gone
Too far up in it to yawn, til its finished come on
Get more twisted and bomb the dance floor til it breaks
Start to pondering rape
Me I’m all bout the face
But it takes all kinds
So pay no mind to the taste
Want to hear that song
You know the one with the bass
That makes their asses gyrate
Forget to hydrate
Til they’re so fucked up they take
Off all of their clothes and whip
It on me like my body’s made to fit ‘tween their lips
You got the ones on their grill
Or between their hips
But either way I must say
I really don’t give a shit
Long as its done well, and they promise not to tell
We could do this like an orgy
In the bowels of hell
Where every Lucy?s hella horny
And their pussies don’t smell

Argh… where’s it at

I want it I, I need it, need it to make me feel heated
Shake it, can’t take it, must break it
Break if off yea, what’d I say bitch..

Responsibility’s cool, but there?s more things in life
Like getting your dick
Rode all fucking night
By the kind of girl that knows how to keep her shit tight
Legs in the air, looking like they feel nice
Volcano pussy melt your peter like ice
And the drugs got you going back for more cuz you’re like
I just can’t get enough of that cum clutch, well alright

Its time to find one and take one
Right now
Its time to find one and make one say
I’m down
Think I just found one, bout to break one off

Hallucinating crazy, getting lost for miles,
May have gotten too fucked up cuz I forgot how to smile
Gonna have to do this shit Jim Morrison style
Will it work? Probably not, but its worth a try

First hot one I see with sex in her eyes
Will be the hot one I need to take home with me tonight
Wish me luck, give me dap
And I’ll talk to you later
And when I do lets hope my story isn?t all about haters

Wheres it at, cuz I want it like man
Got the drugs but need a hot one that’ll make me go damn
Was the most banging guts that I ever have smashed
If you got it push it up on me cuz I’m feeling that ass, know what I mean?
Wheres it at?

I want it I, I need it, need it to make me feel heated
Shake it, can’t take it, must break it
Break if off yea, what’d I say bitch..



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